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How do we innovate, relying on the operational standards?

All companies have an operating basis that is defined as the foundation of any business model that generates a service or product. 

Depending on the state of the company and stage of growth, this basis must support and adapt at the same time to necessary changes that are required when thinking about innovating. 

Otherwise, Innovation has never lost its value, but today it is much more present and necessary due to factors such as digital transformation, shorter product cycles, more aggressive competition, etc.

There are different types of innovation, but in this article, we would like to focus on disruptive innovation towards opportunities in business models. 

This type of innovation seeks to implement radical changes, evaluating fast first results, acceptance and usefulness in its clients. And based on these, the following steps will be further defined.  

The way to discover new ideas and concepts begins with a business environment open to creativity and innovation (Orange Economy). As Jean Cocteau put it "They did it because they didn't know it was impossible." 

A successful environment for innovation is an interaction with the operational basis as support and guidance, not only with standards but also with processes and users. Users that are duly established that can provide the necessary knowledge and flexibility to possible disruptive changes. In other words, the company can transform itself and at the same time continue operating with excellence. 

ALLPÄ offers its consulting services in the area of ​​operational excellence and process management, creating the best basis for innovation. Contact us to begin with an assessment of the current state of your operating processes and jointly define the path to transformation.

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