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My PMP certification journey

And suddenly, we find ourselves in a situation where there is no other alternative, we must adapt, reinvent ourselves, take care of ourselves as much as possible, try to use our time in the best way and above all, try to stay calm. 

In this phase, I decided to go for the PMI-PMP certification. 

For those who have not heard yet, PMP (Project Management Professional) is one of the most internationally recognized and multi-industry certifications towards project management. 

This is due to the requirement of having sufficient professional experience in project management, but also extensive knowledge of PM methodology. The difficulty relies on the evaluation based on situational questions, in other words, how would the Project Manager react towards complex but real project circumstances. I share the link of the institute for those who are interested in reading a little more about it.

The truth is that it exceeded my expectations by reviewing many topics that only make sense to review them once you have had the experience of managing projects, dealing with conflicts, delays, failures but also successes in project management. 

During my 11 years of professional career I have had excellent opportunities, being part of all kinds of projects and I can say that this certification is a very good guide for all people who are currently working with conservative projects or agile projects. Having this additional suitcase of knowledge can only bring you forward. 

I would like to share with you an image that I created as a guide to all the areas of knowledge that we must always take into account in project management. 

This image shows the project baseline (scope, time and cost) and is surrounded by the complementary areas of knowledge (Stakeholder, Quality, Resources, Communication, Procurement, Risk and Integration).

It is an ecosystem where each of them must function and at the same time be aligned with each other. 

Hope this is useful for you too! This is for the PM community! All the best in your projects!

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