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Myths in the innovation process

The word innovation has gained considerable importance in recent times and it belongs to the main operating pillars of many companies. 

Despite being so necessary there are still certain myths that can limit the potential of the innovation process, running the risk of staying with good ideas without its execution executed. We would like to share some of them:

  1. One of the most frequent is to think that ideas are born from one moment to another, in a way that nobody can explain. However, studies show that great ideas are created collaboratively and are complemented by existing ideas; in other words, a brilliant idea has gone through a long journey of similar ideas. 
  2. Assume that everyone wants to innovate. It can be considered that many aim for change, but the reality is that not all are willing to change. Much of what makes a successful innovator is his or her ability to persuade and convince people of the potential merits of ideas. This ability is a quite different skill from creativity, and hence the importance of Change Management in an organization.
  3. Thinking that innovating is overly expensive and works only with a great structure. When what really leads to innovation success is complying with your process; beginning with the generation of ideas, followed by the selection of the best ones which should be then implemented, maintained and finally broadly diffused. So the real challenge is relies more on the ability to excel in all parts of this process.

One of the innovation tools that we use in our workshops with which we have had excellent results is Design Thinking. This is a methodology that focuses primarily on the needs of the customer. It is very pragmatic and begins by empathizing with the client through interviews, and based on this exchange, prototypes will be generated to be immediately evaluated with the clients in order to iteratively request feedback. 

We invite you to follow us on our networks and to participate in our next Design Thinking virtual workshop that will take place in January 2021, where we will present this methodology and you will be able to design own innovation project. 

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