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Our consulting projects focus on solving the right problem, combining the best methodologies, our tools and your best practices. This collaboration is what leads to positive financial results as well as tangible improvements in the service and quality of your products.

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We offer specific mentoring in our areas of expertise. In 3 to 6 sessions, we will identify the area of improvement, work towards a diagnosis and design possible solutions.

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Workshops and Courses

Our workshops and online courses aim to share the most efficient and latest methodologies.

We will have our next MasterClass "Sell Effectively on Social Media, Christmas Season" on September 23rd at 11:00 Pty time. This will be led by - Mark Schuback, Digital Marketing Expert.
Anel Rizzo and Gabriela Andramuño from Bonostudio - Branding and Digital Marketing Agency.

What will you learn in this Master Class?

1.- What is social media marketing?
2.- Costumer Journey
3.- Why should I include it in my marketing strategy?
4.- Keys for the success of this campaign.

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december, 2021



Nuestros tipos de proyectos

Operational excellence is about the optimization of operational processes. Together wtih the ALLPÄ team, we target tangible results with indicators of sales growth, cost reduction, efficiency and quality service improvements.

Our innovation projects work on two fronts, an assessment on current processes and services based on the customer needs and an evaluation on digital strategy and tools enabling the business growth. Design Thinking and Service Design Thinking are our main tools, we use for this type of projects.

Our digital transformation projects focus on 5 pillars: the customer's need, the digital strategy together with technology, the processes supporting the transformation and the organizational culture. Considering and preparing people for change, while respecting their culture, is often the key to success in the journey of continuous transformation.

The field of Business Intelligence, also known as “BI” provides immense potential for the correct understanding of your business performance allowing you to make the right decisions for your growth. At ALLPÄ we work on BI Projects based on customers needs, establishing the data structure for analysis, reporting and projections.